“Working with Régina was an incredibly transformative experience that had a huge impact on me as a photographer. My book "A Light Inside" would not have reached the depths it did without her vision, input, and touch. Régina is someone who thinks with both her mind and heart as she effortlessly understands the deeper meaning of a story. It was an honor to collaborate with her and I'm grateful for all she taught me and did for my work. She took me to places I didn't even know I had been and that is an amazing gift I'll always cherish.” - Danielle Villasana

"What does it really mean to have an eye? Often I think that to define it ruins the magic. But whatever it is, Régina has got it. Like many photographers, I occasionally stumble when it comes to editing and sequencing my own work. I know which images mean something to me, but to a stranger coming across the work for the first time? Régina instinctively knows what a good image is. But her true power derives from a much greater understanding. She is as concerned by the meaning behind a photograph, a series of photographs, as she is by any aesthetic considerations. Since, in the end, that is all I ever end up caring about anyway, I’m left with one word for her: Bravo!" - Andrew Lichtenstein

"Régina was an indispensable part of crafting my book Signs of Your Identity. She took a jumble of images and text and wove a complex, meaningful narrative from the work that elevated not just the photos, but the historical context as well. Her holistic and sensitive approach to editing gave the book a depth that I honestly wouldn't have been able to create on my own. I think Régina sometimes sees and understands other photographers' work better than they do — and as is true for most artists, when you've spent too much time immersed in the same group of images, the help of a talented, creative editor like Régina is absolutely essential." - Daniella Zalcman

“Régina helped me immeasurably edit my book, The eyes of the city. She loves editing pictures… she has a superb photographic memory and that was very important, because my book covered 24 years of work. So that when we made page spreads she remembered associations between pictures, many of which made it into the book. The best thing that Régina does is create a free and intelligent space for editing; thus, her dedication to excellence informs the process, bringing the photographer’s vision into a clearer focus.” - Richard Sandler

"Régina was central in building the narrative in the most recent book I published, "The Unravelling”. She was visionary and thoughtful about the structure and she defined its final message. I would not hesitate in working with her again and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone needing an editor on larger projects." - Marcus Bleasdale

"Régina helps me edit and sequence the photographs for my book projects. We have worked together on three projects: Bronx Boys (digital monograph, FotoEvidence), Bronx Boys (hardcover edition, University of Texas Press) and my upcoming retrospective. Régina has an incredible eye and understands how to tell the story. She gets in sync with me and the project. I often feel she knows what I will want before the idea comes into my head. You could not ask for more." - Stephen Shames

"I showed up at Regina’s place with a story about a dear person I had recently lost. I was still in pain, and quite confused about the role of photography in that context. From the questions she asked I could tell that she was exploring me through my work, to get to know me and to make sure the edit of the project mirrored the way I felt about it. While focusing a lot of attention on the atmosphere behind a narrative, she also has a very sharp and graceful instinct in using aesthetics to convey layered concepts in a direct, powerful way." - Gaia Squarci

"I came to Régina for help with an ongoing photo essay. I'm really impressed with the consideration she gave to my work. Régina listened attentively, paid attention to details and showed a real understanding of the story. She has an excellent editor's eye and a keen sense of aesthetics. Régina inspired me greatly and boosted my desire to continue and improve my project. She is a strong communicator and is clearly commited to bring out the best in a photographer. I'm looking forward to continue working with her." - Marika Dee

"I have had the pleasure and good fortune to work with Régina on several occasions and on various projects. Each experience has been valuable, rich and rewarding in unexpected ways, and a true pleasure. Régina brings a sensibility and depth of understanding to her craft which is rooted in patient experience, wisdom, and a perspective gained from years working alongside some of the truly greatest photographic artists of our times. Qualities which are hard to find these days. Most of all, there is a fundamental humility and humanity which underlies her work, and an appreciation of the artist's quest which guides her in each endeavor. It is also what makes her such a special human being and soul." - Adam Stoltman